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Does this sound like a familiar story?: Over the weekend, you were at a wedding, and someone accidentally pushed your elbow and your wine glass hit your front tooth and chipped it. At the moment you realize your front tooth is broken, there are probably a thousand thoughts running through your mind: What’s going to happen now? Will it be like this forever? Is there an easy fix? Will my smile ever look the same?

Fortunately, this is one area where dental technology has made extraordinary gains in recent years. There are excellent treatments for this that can fix the problem in a matter of minutes. 

Case Study:

As you can see from the case above, composite bonding has come a long way! We have many different shades and translucencies to mimic your natural tooth shade, making it look like you never chipped your tooth. In less than an hour we can make the tooth look like the chip never occurred. 

Also, with our on-site technician team, we are now able to fabricate a custom porcelain restoration (should it be necessary) that can be bonded to the tooth where it chipped, and provide an excellent aesthetic result.