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Smile Makeovers

We believe that everyone is entitled to a confident and beautiful smile. We provide cosmetic procedures to correct, enhance, and rehabilitate misshapen, misaligned, or discolored teeth to restore self-esteem and bring out the natural beauty of one’s smile. No matter how simple or complex the case, we recognize the importance of every makeover. Our experienced team of Cosmetic Dentists and specialists will collaborate to help you determine proper treatment and get you the results you desire.

Every successful makeover starts with thorough planning. We take diagnostic photos and intraoral scans to analyze facial shape and symmetry, lip and gum position, as well as various other teeth measurements. We use this data to create the digital smile design. We then select tooth shape, size, and color to bring the transformation to life. This essential visual tool allows both the smile makeover team and the patient to preview the new look. It will also serve as a guide during the actual makeover.